Otis Students Test Experimental Purple Peas

Professor Claudia Hernandez Romero continues in the fall of 2018 as a community plot holder, working with her Otis College class, Food, Community & Urban Gardening, part of the Creative Action Integrated Learning Program. Mentored by master gardener Dana Morgan, the students choose what to plant for the season, build the soil, start seeds, transplant, weed, and water Plot F.

This fall the garden is planted with an experimental snap pea from Row 7 Seeds, kohlrabi, daikon radish, little gem lettuce, strawberries, and three kinds of chard. The students also learn about water conservation, composting and vermicomposting, and the benefits of organic community gardening through observation, interviews, and library research.  To further learn how a community garden functions and the values of community building, students complete volunteer hours in the garden.