It takes a village to run EACGC.  Here is a list of all of our various committees. Interested in volunteering? Contact Us →


Chair: Monica Chaban

Help build, water and turn composting piles. Participate in and lead composting training sessions, and strategize further development of our composting program.



Chair: (open)

Strategize, develop and coordinate events related to community building and fundraising at, or for, the EACG.



Chair: Karen Schaffer

Strategize, develop and install all signage at the garden.


Fruit Tree Care

Chair: Audrey Morris

Help maintain the existing fruit trees on the EACG property.


Grant Writing

Chair: Dorothy Stone

Work with team to apply for one-time and on-going grants available through local and national organizations, businesses and government.



Chair: Michael Calzada

Oversee all structural changes to the garden.  Identify and coordinate with approved outside vendors as needed for construction services.


Chair: (open)

Identify and coordinate opportunities to raise funds for construction, operating expenses and special projects. Plan and coordinate event based fundraising in coordination with the Events Committee.

public outreach

Chair: Dorothy Stone

Ensure EACGC visibility to the school and surrounding community. Maintain EACGC presence at Farmers’ Markets and community special events. Create and distribute materials to promote our garden and its activities.









Chair: Karen Schaffer

Strategize, develop and coordinate programming to fulfill our mission of using the garden as a resource for educating the community, students and their families.


Communications/social media

Chairs: (open)

Maintain on-going social media presence, website updates and email newsletters.  Help maintain photo archive on Flickr. Photograph garden related events. Create and execute materials necessary to promote activities at the garden, and the garden in general.



Chair: Eva Edwards

Secure and deliver refreshment donations from one of our business partners for Community Days.  Help with set-up and break-down of refreshment station on Community Days



Chair: Dana Morgan

Help maintain existing vermiculture program and strategize its further development.  Participate in and lead vermiculture training sessions.  


Waste Management

Chair: (open)

Help bring blue recycle and green trash bins to curb on Sundays and return on Mondays. Coordinate the weekly dumping of EACGC trash containers into school trash containers.


Special Projects

Chair: Robert Texiera

Oversees special projects with outside groups, including scouts, schools and universities, fraternities, church groups and other non-profits. If you have an idea to improve the garden - from building new seating to improving the tool sheds- we welcome your suggestions and energy.

Perennial gardens

Chair: Elena Goodman

Maintain several planted areas to boost pollination and add beauty to our garden