It takes a village to run EACGC.  Here is a list of all of our various committees. Interested in volunteering? Contact Us →


Chair: Bill Cox

Build, water and turn composting piles. Participate in and lead composting training sessions, promote further development of our composting program. Distribute compost. 


Chair: (open)

Strategize, develop and coordinate events related to community building and fundraising for EACGC. Maintain a calendar of events. 

perennial gardens

Chair: Elena Goodman

Maintain perennial gardens at EACGC. Supervise new plantings, remove dead plants, fertilize and manager disease. Promote further development of perennial gardens.

 Fruit Tree Care

Chair: Andrew Ehlers

Maintain the existing fruit trees on the EACGC property. Implement policies to prune, fertilize, disease and insect control, and harvest fruit.


Chair: Dorothy Stone

Identify opportunities to raise funds. Apply for grants available through local and regional organizations, businesses and government. Oversee record keeping for all awarded grants.


Chair: Karen Schaffer

Maintain the existing California native plants. Supervise new plantings, removal of dead plants and disease and insect control. Promote further development of nataive plant garden.


Chair: Dana Morgan

Maintain existing vermiculture program and promote further development of it. Participate in and lead training sessions. Manage distribution of compost.









Chair: Karen Schaffer

Develop and coordinate programs to educate the community and students about sustainable organic gardening, cooking, nutrition, food preservation and urban homesteading. 

Website, Facebook & farmers markets

Chairs: Website-Monica Chaban; Facebook- Tracy Thrower Conyers, Farmers Market-Mishele Vieira

Ensure club visibility to community and publicize events via website, social media, digital newsletters, and farmers markets. Create and distribute materials necessary to promote the garden, its activities and membership. Photograph events and maintain photo archive.


Chair: Dorothy Stone

Define and support the vision of EACGC. Outline short-term and long-term goals for development of the garden. Develop and maintain plans for land use and land development.

Capital Planning

Chair: Dorothy Stone

Develop plans to achieve the financial and material goals. Obtain and allocate resources to achieve these goals. Set budgets and raise significant dollars in a specified period of time.


Chair: Monica Chaban

Review and make recommendations for the annual budget. Monitor club expenses and reconcile to budget. Make recommendations for unplanned expenditures and other financial matters. Plan and coordinate financial audits.


Chair: Carolyn Casillas

Review and recommend changes to both the EACGC Bylaws and Board Policies. Maintain Gardening Guidelines. Maintain Joint Use Agreement and negotiations with LAUSD/ OWMS. Manage legal and insurance matters.


Chair: Eva Edwards

Secure and deliver refreshment donations from one of our business partners for Community Days.  Help with set-up and break-down of refreshment station. Assist with other events as needed.