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Spring Seed Swap

EACGC will hold our Spring Seed Swap on April 6th during our monthly workday. Bring your extra seeds, especially tomato, pepper, eggplant, and cucumber seeds to the seed table to share with other gardeners.

Preparing For the EACGC Seed Swap – 9-12 noon April 6, 2019

1. Bring your Seeds to the Seed Table. Bring a container/box of your seeds to share with your name and contact information clearly visible on the outside. Each seed envelope should be sealed, so the seeds will not spill out. All seeds are welcome, commercial packaged seed (hybrid or open-pollinated) and local seeds you have saved in jars or envelopes. Identify seeds you’ve saved with the full name of the variety, (and Latin name if you know it), year/date of harvest, and growing location. Growing and harvesting tips, and even cooking suggestions can be helpful, but are optional.

2. Check in when you arrive. Master Gardener Dana Morgan will accept your seeds at the garden entrance. You may have a couple packages, a jar of labeled seeds, or a large box. While you volunteer during workday in the garden, Dana will manage the seed tables. One table will be for seeds to share and one the table will be for the EACGC/Master Gardener seeds. Questions?

3. Write out your Seed Request List. Fill out a list of seeds you need. Sheets, clipboards, and baskets will be available at the table. Dana will fill your request.

4. Pick up your new seeds and your seed box by 12 noon. We know you want to get those seeds planted.

Donations to EACGC are welcome!

Thank you for participating in the Spring Seed Swap.